Sunday, January 31, 2010

Januarys Final Stand

Decided to go with the mtt option, not sure how many yet but have drawn up a list of several to choose from. Start in 20mins anyway, may update in running but may have too many tables goin to b bothered. Whatever happens i can look forward to saying goodbye to a horrendous Jan both personally and professionally.

5:35pm hmmmmm feel like deregistering all at mo but will stick with it i think. Bust 150euros mtt in 30mins flopping 2 pair vs a set which i would have had to been on top form to get away from.

6:55pm 2 more busts , just 1 game left at mo although am well stacked in it. 2 more starting in 5mins. 1 bust was one them nout went right. other was bad beat kk vs jj although only had 60% starting stack at that time.

7:55pm 1 cancelled , 1 more bust (99 vs 10s but had sucked out b4 although did lose AQ vs AK to have prob gone top 10 in it) and weak in only 1 left. Dunno why i entered anything now, thought i was in a more patient mood but once i bust that first one its been a fast downhill slope.

Am running ok on cash so hopefully wont be too big a dent at end of night.

9:15pm bust all mtts about half an hour ago. Lost a huge pot to complete fool before running my 10xbb shove into QQ. Huge pot went like this at 100/200. Limper mid i nxt and raise 725 with KK just us flop he chk calls 1200 leaving 2400 behind on a Q94 flop. Turn ace he chk calls allin (almost timing out) and rivers a 10. Pot would put me top 50ish with 600ish left form 880odd.

Just done damage assessment although may play later and only -£300 assuming i get refund for game that didnt start (sent a mad email off to vent). Not bad considering i paid errr 160euros+$215+$109+$215+$320 in mtts = well over £600.

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