Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Fresh Start

Tommorrow i get a new laptop (nothing too fancy) so a fresh start to the month which im currently sitting -£900 for the month.

I hope i dont have too many days like yesterday this year as it did my ******* head in. Played 4 mtts only busting 1 early and going deep in 3. 2 of these i went top ten and even 2nd in one with more than 60% of the fields gone. Class moments were a guy calling allin for his 50xbb stack deep in a $50 rebuy with 9,10off then going on bout how he was probably live and how his ranking was better than mine. I wont repeat what went in the chat from me but it went on a along time and i finally felt content when i got back in the game to watch that muppet bust way before me. 50/50 exit for me a bit before the cash, 3 huge pots in that game going against me sealing my downfall. Dumb bust in other tilted but not rediculous when committed post flop after limping KK. Last one i was looking good hitting cash in top 5 position. Twas another $50 rebuy but then came the lovely AK vs KK and 33 vs AK lose for huge pots and i was out. Latter one was to go 2/42 , 400+ entrants :( and cashed a crappy $220 or sommat.

About halfway through the stuff above i brought up a 10/20 hi lo game and ran as bad as i can losing an absolute shit load. I briefly had 10/20 omaha going too and quickly got cold decked there for a stack too. Total -£6,400 on the day, nice. I really should avoid the 25/50 table, a bad run like this on that stake is -£20k and i cant quite imagine coping with that at the moment.

Back to grind tommorrow, only played 10mins today and really not in mood so shut.

Late Edit....

Yeh **** that just saw weak hi lo table and lost £1,500 to a nit and a complete idiot play in the space of about 10minutes. **** off.