Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Can Almost Sense The Change

Got to Bolton fine through bitty traffic and weather. Only lasted till level 3 of £330, was fun though but shame as had easyish table. Unfortunately 2 sets lost to flushes (happy with how cheap) before my QQ vs AK for 12,500 pot, cue ace on the river. (Not a huge pot though as 10k starting stack in this one). Gonna play the plo tommorrow anyway, hope i dont do too many rebuys.

Just got back to room bout an hour ago and loaded internet up. My mobile dongle thing is a bit dodgy but i gave poker a go anyway and didnt time out for the hour played. Thought it was a big mistake to begin with when i lost an awful bad 120euro pot (bad call on river ish) but the guy had chased 6outs with QQ98 on a 8933 board (2 spades). I had bet flop and turn with A236 (2 spades) and couldnt hit the fold when ridiculous 8s comes on river (full ring that one). 2 minutes later on other site and i get it allin $200 on a J23 flop (well 120 flop 80 turn) with AQJ4 vs A257. Turn king river 2 good one.

Not happy but 10 minutes later ship the big un. Back to full ring game and get bout 280euros allin on board of K63 with AA25 3 way vs KKxx and AQ24. Turn 4 river jack WTF i won a 860euro pot on 1/2. Was in shock and even won a bit back on other site and a little on 3rd site after that. EDIT AS WRONG, AA35 vs A2Q4 vs KKxx on a K26 flop.

On the day (GUKPT already paid for) +£550
Month Tally -£2,150


Anonymous said...

Which network are you playing PLO8 on Animal?

Anonymous said...

By the way, try Bluetooth blocker to disable all secret transmitters in your room or office.

Robert "Animal" Price said...

dont mention specific networks on ere often but majority of them really. if ive abused you dont take it personal ;)