Friday, January 01, 2010

2009 Review

Goal at start was simply to make over £100k in profits. Pleased to report final profit of £298,937.

Jan - 40,064
Feb - 123,122
Mar - (12,156)
Apr - (11,874)
May - 74,490
Jun - 22,590
Jul - 19,538
Aug - 5,924
Sep - 15,590
Oct - 13,040
Nov - 14,783
Dec - (6,174)

Already reviewed my best bits so cant be bothered to waffle on. Need to learn how to cope better with complacency and downswings but this is something i struggle with. Probably should have gone abroad in the last few months too. Im daft but housebuying got in the way and i didnt bother which was dumb in the end given how my mindset has been the last 2 months.

Am still gonna play good omaha games in 2010 but im currently looking at the option of playing more tables at lower stakes for x hours per day x days per week. May go back to playing some nl holdem mtts too and i hope to play a similar number of live events throughout the year. I may never make as much in one year again and as such im not bothered about setting unrealistic targets. As long as i make £50,000 im fine although it would be nice to top 100k again if possible.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a long term finacial plan for your profits? Would think a good accountant would be a must if your going to be turning over 6 figs regular.

Anonymous said...

Taa for the linkage..

Anonymous said...


Awesome year vwp sir.

What site do you on?

Razboynik said...

Animal by name - animal by game.
Fantastic results.
£50k tax free is huge money in the UK.
Do you coach? ;-)

Robert "Animal" Price said...

Know people i can ask but have enough knowledge of finances myself.
Play on most sites.
Srry no coaching.

Gavin said...

Fanatastic results mate. Hope you have a good 2010. I think I could get by on that :)

Amatay said...

Come out to the Aussie mill fish?

Poker play the Soap way said...

Awesome m8 well done.

Keep off online BJack :D ;)

TEAMDOBB said...

buy a burger bar franchise with ya profits!!!

good luck for 2010 not that ya need it

probs cya in Vegas in June