Thursday, January 07, 2010

Good One

Someone up there is taking the piss out of me. You would think i would happy having just won a £1,450 gukpt package a mo ago in a £75 rebuy. Oh no lets just see the facts. It lasted 4.5 hours and i paid £232 so is it really worth it, i think not, gg those in future.

Oh and yeh lets just mention how i won a bit earlier for a change on 5/10 hi lo and was steady on the 1/2 low stakes too. Then i started up the 10/20 hi lo game again about an hour ago and again i get coolered, miss everything and basically might as well just be printing money and throwing it at the rest of the table. Result bust that account and wasnt allowed to deposit more which may/may not be a good thing.

Take exps off losses and result for day equals lovely -£4,500 + £1,070 live buyin , ******* great.

Oh and just to tilt me more my laptop hasnt arrived, yeh snow etc but wtf cant anyone ring a phone these days to tell me wtf is going on with it. I should mention i ordered this from Dell almost 2 months ago (15 Nov) and they only now are supposed to be delivering it after ignoring emails before giving me a gay standard response the other day. GG them in future unless this laptop turns out to be the bees knees.

My house purchase is going through, oh hold on ive been saying that for 3 months (8 Oct offer accepted). Be lucky if i get in there this month thanks to slow solicitors.

That laptop better arrive tommorrow as im likely to smash this one up in a mo and **** can i shake off this chesty cough from the cold ive had 10 days, can i ****.



All above still applies but realised after i logged off figures wrong for day. -£2,900 +£1,070 live buyin.

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havin_a_laff said...

DELL routinely suck at customer service. always have done.

GL in 2010.