Thursday, January 14, 2010

Good Calmer Day

Money flowed in a lot steadier today and i think that was the main reason i remained pretty calm with just the odd hint of rage at times. It could be im getting used to the games too, it has been a while since ive played at these levels and now im almost a week in. Just that one hop to slightly higher game and no temptations since and hope to keep it that way while im still reasonably happy grinding away. Think i can only benefit from this grind too in the long run ( provided i win obviously :) )

Hand of day: A234 flop A2x matey has AA57 and i miss all low cards to lose a $600 pot at 1/2, bleh.

Profit on day +£500
Loss in 2010 - £3,500
Since i started this grind its been 6 days and im +£1,900

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