Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gonna Run Good In Bolton

Decided i need a mini break and all booked for Bolton. Gonna play the £300NLH Wed , £100PLO rebuy Thur and £1,000 main event Fri. I have to run well as i cant run much worse than ive done the last couple of days.

Been gettin outdrawn left right and centre, and usually by complete and utter donk plays which sets that rage bell off in my head way too often. If it wasnt for one of the worlds worst players late on tonight i could have lost £1,000 today but as it is im still riled at finishing -£350. Couple of sick pots just before i left allin on a 10,9,3(2 spades) board with 9,10,J,K vs AA48 (no spades) who cant fold when he raises pre and leads into a $20 pot out of position. turn 8 river ace and ship the $450 pot the other way (1/2$ hi lo that). Then to rub it 2 minutes later in 4 of us see a flop ($52 in pot as ive raised) with me in position on the button with AA2x which is checkraised by AQJ6 on a Q64 flop and of course i dont improve or get there in any shape or form, another $400 gone. Both these pots were right near the end so i guess i could have saved a level day if i had any luck but no, not tonight, not any night of late.

Sunday was even more of a joke and i lost £350 but fortunately a bonus i cleared covered that. Still was exactly same stuff as today. Ok enough of the moaning and waffle i will destroy u fools tommorrow.

Month Tally -£3,000

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