Monday, January 11, 2010

Stray Dog

Strayed to 3/6euro plo when i saw 2 french and a greek playing on a 5handed table. Got up a bit then this hand:

limped 1010xx flop 1045 2hearts. managed to get 600 in on flop both 200 and 600 stack come along for the 18euro pot on flop and of course the 600 hits his french flush draw for the 1400euro pot.

only lost £300 on that 2 hour session which is a miracle really considering i lost a £1200ish pot :(( that will teach me for straying into higher stakes than planned for all of 10 minutes.

Current tally - £5,000 :((


Pirus said...

Get some lucky chicken wings mate they are the answer to all our problems!

Having a bad month my self, sort of just can't get motivated any more :(

Anonymous said...

Why did you limp 1010xx in PLO?

Seems kinda bad.

Robert "Animal" Price said...

why r u anonymous ? if u dnt play hands like 101097dbl suited (was sommmat like that) u must be a tight nit.