Sunday, January 10, 2010

Grinding Begins

Yet to glance at higher stakes.

Fri: Played couple of hours omaha and hi lo and was nicely in profit. Took down $650 pot on 1/2 thanks to some luck getting it in on a J73ddd board with JJxx , matey had AAxxdd but i managed to fill up. Instead of a good session that pot turned it to a great one and i finished £675 up.

Sat: Was unsure whether to play as mild hangover all day but hit the tables late after 10pm for 5 hours. Didnt play well to begin with, especially on the plo tables bluffing way too much but i reduced those and played most of the session on hi lo. Managed to recover what was maybe 4 or 500£ downswing to being with. Finished £125 up.

Current Month Loss: - £4,650

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