Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Update

Was in for a change on a Sunday evening but only played 1 multi. £162 gukpt sat, last 5 1st package, 2nd £800 and i get 900 in on flop and 2500 allin on turn on a board of 10,9,5,3 with 9,10off to be shown a10, river ace gg. Only allin covered, called once before that jj vs kk on a j93flop. Did make a bad call to a fool that chased a gutshot but would have called allin so was lucky to still be in i guess.

Almost covered that buyin with days cash play but currently -£50 for day overall. Put 3 hours in this afternoon and made £200 but obviously lost some back tonight in another 3 hours session alongside that mtt :( May play later need hour or 2 off though , edit below if i do.

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Fenix35 said...

Ahhh I played that tourney too. I was fenixSS...

Came 2nd after getting it in with JQ vs 55 on a 5 9 10 8 board for all the chips. Sigh :(