Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just When Its Getting Better......

Its back to the old ridiculous bull**** crap again. I cant believe how many pots ive lost today against the most dumbest plays ever that manage to find the miracle cards every bloody time. This is biggest loss by a mile at these stakes (mostly 1/2 1 2/4 game) since i started and i dont think i even tilted any of it off. Would luv to post histories and stuff but all long winded crap and so mad i just wnna smash my new laptop at this minute in time. Favourite one that set the trend for the day was probably being reraised by 2479 no suits on hi lo 1/2 and he calls pot reraise so we hav put in like 90$ preflop . Flop k74 is still good for my AA85 hand but turn 7 river jack. Nice one later on called raise on 1/2 euro and 3 to flop. Flop is QQ2 2 hearts, raiser checks and 2nd guy bets pot. I pot raise and want the pot there and then if he has a queen but obv i do have a massive hand if fish comes on hook with runner runner low as well AQ105. Fish calls with KQ107 no hearts , turn 7 river brick and i lose another 200. That one riled my beyond belief as there is just no other hand i raise flop with other then AQ minimum and mayb with no runner runner low i only flat it. So many others i could list just rewarded the worst play ive seen and just had enough of it. So sick as i felt fresh and relaxed after the live break and thought i might attack the game and destroy it to wipe the months profit out this week. If this carries on i might have to go back to online mtts which i know i just would hate so much.

On Day -£1.100
Yesterday short session +£250

Month Loss -£3,100


Anonymous said...

I've seen worse calls than KQ on QQ2 board in Omaha...... I know you're holding AQ. Standard I guess...would you lay it down to an aggressive re raiser?

Robert "Animal" Price said...

Im not saying it was the worst call ever but in that context it was an easy fold. no hearts no runner runner low, Q2 and QA dominating and u could argue much easier call with Q345 or sim. There was guy behind me when i made the raise so look ultra strong which i didnt mind as happy to take it on flop. Fact is if he doesnt hit full house he loses and thats makes it a fold if im in that position in hi lo game. Also i was passive at time so u can assume i was a "passive" reraiser as had been playing like a nit.