Friday, January 08, 2010

One Of Pokers Tougher Skills

Well the last month or so has seen me go on a downswing of approximately -£25,000 so ive decided i need to take some action to reverse this trend and, more importantly, get me back on track for 2010. One of the toughest things in poker is to go down in stakes and stay there until you are fully comfortable with your game, mindset and bankroll. I know this wont be easy but i have played some lower games this month already. I have mixed them with some of the usual ones as well which certainly undermines it somewhat but it has given me a taste of what i now feel i need to face head on.

Things could be a lot worse but i like to feel comfortable when im playing and if you have read my blog lately you will see too much relying on winning and not just playing well and riding the variance. Im really looking forward to moving into my new house (when it finally happens) and im writing this on my new laptop which seems great so far. I have loaded some tables but not played anything today and will start from tommorrow on my new quest. I havent quite decided how many tables i will play (option of lots more on this laptop) but the levels i will play are as follows, only allowing myself to increase these levels once im in the +ive for the month or year.

Cash: Omaha & Omaha Hi Lo PL Max - 2/4 euros or $
Cash: No Limit Holdem or NL Holdem (unless live)

MTT: Cash - Max $215 but less if multi-tabling mtts. Satellite (To Live events) £75 rebuy max (cos i won package lately)

Dont expect many if any mtts in the near future until ive clawed some chunks back or unless i fail even more on the lower cash tables and need a change.

I know i will find this tough but i hope to avoid even looking at higher tables so there is no temptation. I may change my deposit limits (lower) also to help avoid temptation. I also hope the option of multi-tabling more tables can keep me from being tempted higher.

Watch this space to see how "disciplined" i can be and hopefully follow the road to recovery.

Currently about -£5,400 :((


BH said...

Best of luck on your new disciplined approach - I'm pretty certain it'll only be a matter of time before you are back in control and running the show on the high stakes again.

havin_a_laff said...

dropping down and crushing might be lotsa fun! as you say discipline is the key.


kev said...

Come on animal, pull your finger out!


pokerbonus said...