Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What A Diff A Couple Of Hours Can Make

Blimey didnt hit the tables till late but again i was in for a shock with just about every bad play against me for big pots all winnin, amongst cold decks and just generally missing nearly everything. Defintely was over £600 down and it was only a short session but i wasnt happy and took the autoposts off to finish the session. Last few hands on one site though and i actually hit some scooping 2 allins both of which i could have lost or been quartered or 3/4 won easily. Finished about £200 down but happy.

Returned tonight and immediately lost $200 on a cold deck and couldnt seem to get going again. Dribbled away cash and again probably went down £600+ for the day. Im pleased to say it finally turned around though. $600 50/50 from flop on 1/2 helped then i finally got the table fish on a 2/4 who had outflopped me all session and the earlier session. Few other bits here and there and finished £200 up and very happy.

Also got £80 rakeback today and credit of GUKPT package expenses of £380. Taking £330 out of that for side event (will take more for plo rebuy after when i knw how many rebuys i bought).

After all that current month balance is now -£2,700 and im off to pack and get an early night.

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