Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Good Annoying Day

Started really well today making £700 in first couple of hours. When i returned shortly after i cleared a £300 bonus so was hoping i could finish at least £1,000 up the day. Wasnt to be though and i was tested and failed again to hold my temper dropping chunks back. When i played my last session i finally managed to calm down a bit and made a little back and even won an AAxx vs AAxx pot (shock). On the day +£700 (inc £300 bonus). Month Tally -£4,000

Key pot middle of day (omaha hi lo) playing 300$ on 1/2 get it nearly allin on a J54 flop holding A2J4 vs guy covering me holding A25K. Turn 5, river 8 ---> rage but i guess i should be happy to get a quarter ?

May do Bolton GUKPT next week probably about 50/50 at mo. Will depend how i cope in next few days and, more importantly, how the weather is.

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