Wednesday, June 30, 2010

6 Month Review

Dunno if this is worth doing but i have always done one before so might as well try.

Really just not feeling the poker vibe lately. Put a lot of effort and time in during April and May after 2 losing months in the first 3 of the year then had laziest month ever in terms of time put in.

It would seems a number of factors are/have affected my game and bottom line this years, here are some i can think of off the top of my head:

- the game is tougher and this has/is moving through to both plo and plo hi lo
- i really do believe i had a bad run at high stakes from about Dec - Feb but maybe i was due
- i didnt expect to beat last years profit and i may never beat it during my life but you cant help but feel negative when you get the low after such a big high
- spending about 80% of my roll on a house has maybe put extra pressure on me at times, especially at higher stakes. at the time i jumped in knowing this is locking away cash i could lose back if i lost my head but maybe? i spent too much. hindsight is a strange thing but one thing i do know is i still love the house i bought 4.5months later. also i now have living expenses which were virutally non existent before
- the cancelled vegas trip, i dont feel too bad about this BUT i was more interested to see how i did on return (win or lose out there) as i often return from there craving and playing my best poker when i get back online, could be time to book another trip out there for autumn time.
- the poker novelty factor has worn very thin and it totally feels like a job and all too often one i just dont enjoy or get satisfaction from any more, this is probably the most concerning reason.

Anyway my total profit this year comes in at +£15,233 (£14,000 of that in last quarter so maybe back on the right track). I know this is still a great earning figure tax free but it is my worst start to a year since 2006 and unless i carry on like the last 3 months for the other half of the year it will be my worst ever profit for the year. Would like to think thats a challenge for me but the motivation at the moment just aint there.

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JoshuaT said...

I can see that you're not totally thrilled by your performance over the past six years. But, I still wanted to say that for someone like me (who's relatively new to the poker world) £15,233 profit is pretty inspirational. If £14,000 of it was in the last quarter you're looking at £56,000 a year - if I could get to a tenth of that I'd be delighted. Really hope you rediscover your passion for the game as I'd love to pick up some tips.