Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Sickest 2 Hours For Months

Sick in a gooooooooooooooooooooooood way !!!

Only played maybe 3-4hours total but swings all over shop earlier on.

Within 5mins i was up $400odd then i lost a pot with all money going in post flop on a $36 flop of AK6rainbow. i had the lock on it with AA58 vs KKJ8 but didnt count on the Q 10 runners for the $1,100 pot (only 2/4 table).

Sick but got a bit on other tables and still levelish on the day 30mins later but a bit p1ssed to not be £800 up from the 96% scoop, 2% chop roughly i think when i ran it into an odds calc.

Returned later and again it was a turbulent time a few hundred down and then getting it back and vice versa but took a couple of decent pots near end of session to be about £400 up on the day.

Again took a long break and returned at 11pm for 20mins where i proceeded to lose 3 stacks, fortunately i was only playin 40% stacks at the time though.

Took a food break for 10mins then returned as games looked very juicy, now about level for day. WHAT HAPPENED THEN IS THE SICKEST 2 HOURS FOR A LONG TIME.

Just couldnt put a foot wrong, everything was hitting, holding up, bluffs got through when i missed. Hands were either cold decks in my favour or just good strong hands against table fishes that never fail to pay. I hope this is a trend to continue in June and not a one-off, im almost pinching myself to believe that just happened. All games where 3/6 2/4 or 1/2 $ PL hi lo and i prob made 50% of my cash on 3/6 , only a small bit on 2/4 but about 5 buyins on 1/2 i think. lets see if i can remember some of them hands !!:

1/2 i raise cutoff with AA23rainbow . bb and utg call and flop is A,5,10 might have been 2 spades but not relevent. nice flop but almost too good, chks to me and i bet about 16 into 28mayb but both call. turn is another 5, niceeeeee now bb leads for 54 i think it was and other guy calls. now bb prob has a 5 and other guy is chasing a low. instead of potting allin i chose just to minraise (not a play i would advise against decent players as they will know exactly what ure up to but these were fish). anyway bb takes ages so i obv did give him a chance to fold but he cant fold A5xx and repops allin and other guy calls with 234x and river is a juicy 9.

same table i raise cutoff with AKK7dbl suited and loose guy repops , his range is wide from bb and he is tilting after hand before a bit for sure. i flat call looking to push any high flop as he onyl has a 200stack before the hand. flop comes KQQ and i just call his 24odd 50% ish flop bet. turn is a 6(also a 3rd diamond) and now he checks and i figure i wont get any more so just check behind. river is a 6 and again he checks with pot at about 110 i bet weak into it for 32 hoping he might take it as a bluff and he repops allin but then what was he going to do with AQ6x !!!

hmmmm both above cold decks and boring nuts flops, im trying to think of a more interesting hand but cant think of one.

this one was on 1/2euro (i knw i said all $ above but its same thing really) AA2 flop and i call bet from sb with 2347. turn is a 2 and again i chk call a bet. river is a 7 and i chkraise matey allin and he calls and mucks.

ah i can remember a scoop but not full details from 3/6, i had only just started the 2hrs and i was in a mildly tilted gamblin mode so wasnt goin anywhere on a Q,10,8 raised flop with nut flush draw gut shot and runner runner low draw. i was actually in bad shape against QJ109 and and shortstacks K10109 but spade hit and low and i scooped about a $1400 pot which set me on my way. ----->>>>implied odds of winning this were huge as only 2 hands later table fish covering my $1,065 stack "gave" his full stack away to me (although i did lose $500 hand inbetween to only cold deck against me of the session so i probably looked like a maniac at that point).

Anyways dont think im goin back on now unless i wake up a bit more but along with the rakeback i got today of around £300 ive got a flying start out of the blocks and am sitting on +£2,300 :)


Amatay said...

sik life Roberto

Robert "Animal" Price said...

too true ive already had reverse luck day b4 it and just had a 90min session losing £1000 back so i dnnno why i was gettin so excited. apart from couple of 3/6 hands was all at 1/2 which dont exactly bring huge amounts in