Friday, June 11, 2010

Nearly There

Not much to report really on poker front, been kind of in limbo itching to play some live stuff when i get to vegas. Probably havent played more than a couple of hours on any single day. The swings have still been there as ive been playing a little bit higher than normal (a lot higher for one manic drunk session i wont go into) but overall ive just stayed around the same sort of mark which is currently just under +£1,000.

Roll on the world cup and roll on vegas, not sure which im more excited about to be honest. Time to get packing inbetween the opening games tommorrow.


stumpy said...

cmon plz tell the drunken session lol c u in vegas

Robert "Animal" Price said...

was just like old times really on 5/10 and 10/20 plo losing and winning £2,000 before finishing about £1,000 up that night

Amatay said...

gl in Vegoooose mate, shame i'm not there with ya this year.