Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 8/26 (Early Finish)

Managed to finish just before midnight which im pretty certain was the earliest so far. This was mainly due to less breaks and no jobs, exercise etc :( and slightly higher stakes.

I was pretty much in the hole the whole day but never more than £300. Climbed out of it near the end to about +£50 but the last hour saw me drop back into my 2nd losing day of this task. That said it was only a £82 loss and i know i was up against the pokergods all day but still played well.

To have a bad day thats almost break even is excellent but hopefully i can start a new streak from tommorrow. Just hope i can sleep a bit earlier, im wide awake at mo :(

On Day: -£82 (Rake $418)
On Month: +£5,496

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