Monday, January 03, 2011

1st 2011 Slip Up

Only played about 20 mins new years day for a £40 loss which i cancelled out yesterday with a standard hour session making about £80. Then came the drunken attack. If u have followed this blog of late you would know im trying to stick to no higher than 1/2$ plo and 2/4$ hi lo with mayb the odd 2/4plo really bad table in there occasionly. Well i broke that when i loaded up a 5/10 hi lo last night. Fortunately i ran my $400 up to $1,400. I then proceeded to lose back to $300 at which point i loaded up to $1000. Deep stacked players were playing bad enough to justify it although i guess there was a bit of tilt and arrogance in there too. Luckily i hit some hands though and escaped with about £700 profit :)

Still dont expect to play huge volume until 5th from which the plan is to rake >$400 a day for 25 days. We shall see if i stick to this as it involves 8-10 hours on my current tables but will maybe be a good test for me. Havent had any rakeback yet but know i didnt play much on the sites that pay out at start of month so not expecting a great boost there today or tommorrow.

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