Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 10/26 (Back On Track Even If EV Isnt)

Excellent day today, im very happy with it. Was up from the start all afternoon although to a max of £300.

Returned in the evening to what can only be described as the worst standard ive seen on my regular plo tables. Was truly shocking and im not complaining.

I actually lost loads to suck outs though to begin with and even dropped briefly down on the day, all be it £50 or so. I didnt tilt in the slightest though as i knew just how bad several tables were. At one point i think i had 8 tables going with at least 1 really bad player on each and often 2.

Finished around $900 up but 400 behind ev. Hopefully Saturday night will be as good. I almost wish i hadnt raked all i had as i could still play now but im done for the day.

On Day: +£550 (Rake $450)
On Month +£5,628 ( Peak once again for the month :)) )

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