Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 13/26 (Halfway)

Wanted to use the title "slog" cos thats what its been today. A mild hangover didnt help one bit.
I was steady for first few hours then the shit hit the fan. 3/4 of the day in i sat $500 down and couldnt resist checking tracker to see i was $550 below ev.
A long break and returned after dinner and fortunately it turned. Finished in profit and only $140 behind ev.
Ive just looked at my stats for .5/1 and 1/2 combined and over 35k hands at one point i was $2,500 ahead of ev which is nuts, im now only about $500 ahead, guess it had to average out :(

Boy i could do with a day or 10 off, im so knackered mentally. $5,500 raked in 13 days so far on main site. Only 13 days to go :( ,and another $5000+ rake.

On Day: +£118 (Raked $416)
On Month: +£6,190

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