Saturday, January 08, 2011

Day 3/26 (Slog But Worth It)

Only just finishing raking $400 and its 3am , urrrgh.
Made the rookie mistake of doing too much other activities during the day and paying the price mentally now. The last 2 hours especially has been a struggle and i know i def wasnt playing my "a" game during that. Dropped about £200 back but i had peaked at around +£1,100 on what has been an incredibly golden day.

Started off losing the first 3 allins and i thought here we go again. It quickly turned though and for several hours i just couldnt miss and couldnt lose an allin. Such a contrast to thursday but im not complaining. I was especially lucky on 2/4 hi lo doubling up a few 40xbb stacks earlier. Hmmmm i havent done pokertracker, will do now as still 1 table going.

Overall graph very nice for 3000 hands today and 500$ above ev always good :)
All profit is hi lo for a change, im actually down $600odd on plo today, most of which was last session !

On day +£916 ($430 raked)
On Month +£2,438

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Minimalist said...

Good days work. Keep her lit.