Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 7/26 (PLO Mainly)

Wasnt too much hi lo action today so stuck to the plo 90%+ of the day. Was a pretty steady day which i think i was in profit on from the start. Got a nice hi lo boost of profit on other site briefly as well though.

Im very happy and a bit surprised to have made it a whole week into this. Im right into the whole routine of it now and it really does feel like a job. I get up in morning and dont want to load up but once i do and get the games going i enjoy it, although obviously the good run im on is helping this a lot. Ive raked over $3000 in the last week too which im pretty sure is more than ive ever done in a week.

On Day: +£570 (Rake $401)
On Month: +£5,578

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