Thursday, January 06, 2011

Day 1/26 (Well Maybe)

Im still playing as i write this. Def done over 10 hours now and trying to shut but a couple of ok 2/4hi lo games are keeping me on the hook. Managed to rake the $400 target on a site in about 9 hours. Would have been less but i mixed in a bit of another site when the games seemed good.

Profit was +£100 after a couple of hours. -£300 after 4 hours which it stayed around for the next few hours. I clawed it back though and even went up over £300 not too long ago but went back to level all of 20mins ago.

+£160 in running now but could swing big either way although one table is absolutely terrible.
ideal just hit lovely river for a $1000 pot :) = +£545 in running :)) i wnna go bed though
bed awaits was on last round on 1 table and took a little. other table broke but i took of couple of pots heads up before matey left. +£632 on the day and sit at +£1,800 for the month and year.

Points to note:
$422 rake on main site.
main games of .5/1 and 1/2 plo +$760 but more than double ev
loss on same site on hi lo games of $470


Anonymous said...

What is the promo for? GL

Robert "Animal" Price said...

rather not say hense why no details. lot of luck involved in any prize won though. this is more of a discipline test for myself in the first instance.