Monday, January 31, 2011

Challenge Review

Blimey its so good to be able to have a day off, im so relaxed for a change.
Right onto the stats and stuff.

Main games were .5/1$ , 1/2$ plo and the same in plo hi lo.
I did play some low limit holdem to make up the rake but that wont be included in any of the figures below as i dnt have any trackers for holdem.

Across all games on my main site only:

61,453 hands

$8,096 profit (about $1,700 above allin ev)

BB/100 of 1.71

Raked $10,900

promotion bonus of $1,375 (gutted was around $2,500 for last 10days then unlucky last day)

rakeback earned at 40% - $4,360 or 30% - $3,270 (vip level i cash these in for im unsure of yet
and it wont be months until i know and cash in)

Total $ won on paper = $13,831
$ per day = $532
$ per hour (based on a rough 9 hours average) = $59

........individual stats for main game types.........

1/2$ plo
12,209 hands
BB/100 1.89
BB/100 (Adj for ev) 2.30

.5/1$ plo
25,481 hands
BB/100 -2.40
BB/100 (Adj for ev) -2.70

1/2$ plo hi lo
8440 hands
BB/100 6.10
BB/100 (Adj for ev) 5.51

.5/1$ plo hi lo
8340 hands
BB/100 3.15
BB/100 (Adj for ev) 7.50

and other significant stats

2/4$ plo hi lo
3530 hands
BB/100 16.04
BB/100 (Adj for ev) 6.55

Stats confirm the sort of stuff i knew. Whilst plo gives me a steady income i seem to need to adjust my game at .5/1 for some reason. To be honest its probably just the sheer volume that got to my game. Since i got tracker im dead on break even (same ev too) for this stake over 36k hands. hi lo is great but ive only been playing when there is a clear edge and not just a table full of regs and its a lot easier to win vs bad players on that game type.

This has been a very successful challenge and month for me but i wouldnt want to do it more than 2 or 3 times a year max if that.

What it has done is to make poker feel more like a job to me than ever which is exactly what i want it to. Ive been getting up not wanting to play or switch that computer on but once i do i very quickly get into what was a daily routine and, dare i say it, an enjoyable one most of the time !

I think its made me realise if i want to make really good money i have to be prepared to not be as lazy as ive been in previous years. It helps to have something to focus on too like a promotion in this case so theres some extra motivation over periods of time to put a lot of effort in for a good reward. Its also kept me off high stakes and im actually scared money if i move up lately which is a good thing as im not tempted, unless drunk obviously :( and maybe i should be more careful to avoid that.

Where do i go from here ? Well my brains a bit tired still but i think i want to keep a similar volume up for 4 days a week with the other 3 being whatever takes my fancy in terms of playing or day(s) off. Tues-Thurs are 3 main days i think i will try to keep 8-10hrs play on. Ill probably keep most of my play on 1 site but i certainly will be watching other sites to see if its worth mixing more again, especially when games seem dry on my main site.

I also want to keep a good volume for Feb while the weathers bad and to try and keep the momentum going. I havent ruled out a trip to vegas in mid March and depending on how that might go im considering booking wsop time for about a month with the option always being there to change flights and cut it shorter if required.


Tinca Tinca said...

That's some impressive stuff.
Very well played sir.

Brenos said...

Congrats on a good month, need to find this mindset again myself.

Great effort wpwp