Sunday, January 09, 2011

Day 4/26 (Golden)

Finished before 2am tonight and not nearly as shattered as yesterday.
Just loaded all hands in tracker and my ev is at about +$20 for the day.
Ive done a bit better than that though as my true profit was about $1,750.
Whoops i knew i had a lot of luck today but i guess the couple of chunky $1000+ pots shipped my way made all the difference :))
I even made the move up to 2/4 plo just when a few fish were sat briefly.
I guess i will experience the reverse luck at some point and im not looking fwd to that but hell im that lucky it might not ever happen ;)
Profit split is approx 2/3 plo and 1/3 hi lo.

On Day: +£1,085 (Raked $440)
On Month: +£3,523

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pokershades1 said...

nice work mate , my blog update was very similar to yours ... just the complete opposite !!