Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 23/26 (Top Day)

Very rewarding day of which, rarely, i was in profit from the start to finish.
Tables standards were shocking and after a solid start i did get outdrawn a bit to drop back to almost level. Fortunately with the tables so bad i managed a decent profit once i started hitting some hands and in the end was very lucky on the day as well for sure.
Only 3 more days sooooooo close and ive gone past raking $10k tonight since day 1 on my main site.

On Day : +£705 (Rake $401)
On Month : +£7,904


jus said...

Hi rob great blog and nice going on the challenge,your playing on ipoker correct?
I have been following your blog for several years now how do you find playing lower stakes,do you constantly feel like playing higher your discipline is great and your results are good ,do you think playing to rake x amount every day has had a postive effect on your game? I have considered doing something similar but playing holdem. How much in rakeback do you hope to make ?
gl at the tables jus

Robert "Animal" Price said...

hi, thanks for stopping by. sorry i dont discuss different sites on here if i can avoid it.
your other questions are exactly what ive been asking myself for a few months and i will answer them in detail when i review this challenge on 31st Jan. For over a year ive felt like playing higher but this grind seems to have stopped that a lot. I actually played some 3/6hi lo yesterday briefly and was scared money which i was pleased to be ! The same applies to 2/4plo, i just cant play my normal game on it as its so much higher and more aggressive then my regular tables now :)

Anonymous said...

Hy, I don't really remember if i thanked you for putting us on your blog list. So I'll do it now. Thank you. Bye