Saturday, January 01, 2011

2010 Review

Final profit of £30,310.

A few notes:

Target at start of year was to make at least £50,000 = fail.
Worst year ever in terms of profit as a professional.
One of, if not the most, the toughest challenges in poker is to move back down stake levels.
Personally a very good year, and im still very happy with the above profit (tax free).
Finished on a high with a good idea of where i stand in the game and what i will target next year.

Next year i will treat poker as a job more than ever.
Would be an easy cop out but to beat 2010 is 1st target. Ideally above £50,000 is 2nd and main target.
Expect a vegas trip in June and a return to St Maaten early December. Would be nice to win a package for something but i struggle more than ever to motivate myself to play satellites and im not sure how to fix that.

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