Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 26/26 (Completion !!!)

Yippeeeeeeeeeeeee i made it :))
Excellent day to finish too. Started awful for first couple hours then i had a golden turn around session before adding to it just now.
Also done by 6pm so gnna chill then off out on the piss.

Full review to come, probably tommorrow. Looking like a $2,500 bonus from the promotion although could be a little less or more, should know by tommorrow and gets paid Wed i think. Also obscene rakeback i wont see for several months in the region of $3000-$4500 depending on my vip level in the coming months.

On Day: +£486
On Month: +£8,752

......Drunk Mug Edit
Oooooops 5/10 hi lo lost chunk, got back, lost it again, got most back and game breaks.
Move sites and get slowrolled quartered for stack after losing a bit , still 5/10. Go nuts in chat livid etc etc. Mugs try to get me to sit back in which i would but 3 or 4handed game has gone 6handed so im not about to so just wind them up and leave.
Move back to original site and mug sit on 25/50 hi lo hu. Bust shortie and take a bit more off and escape as crapshoot dumb stupid game to have sat in.
Got away with it and made £150 but seriously WTF am i doin, flaming drunk dumb poker :(