Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 11/26 (Hard Work And Tilt)

Im knackered, still maybe ill actually get to sleep before 4:30am for change. Just finishing up now on whats feels like a slog of a day. Was a day of 2 halves.

First half i didnt go up or down more than $250. Actually was thinking to myself during this that it was a bit boring.

Second half i got punished for complaining and got totally bashed up on my main site again. Ended up -$500 and 350 behind ev again. At the same time as this though i was on 3/6hi lo on another site and i probably went down over £1,000. I was steaming and let it out in my aggression at the table, definitely tilting a bit but i managed to hit some hands and actually took a big chunk back playing heads up. Fortunately what i can only describe as the worst player ive seen in years also donated a large chunk to me almost drawing dead twice for his full stack. I followed him around a couple of tables before he bust and left.

At this point i took a long break but still had a couple of hours to play. Was more relaxed now but just wanted to finish and was glad when i raked my lot shortly ago. Didnt do nothing on main site last session but secondary one gave me a nice chunk and i somehow managed to finish in profit on the day.

To be honest im just glad im not £500-£1,500 down as this could have happened on another night.

On Day: +£242 (Raked $422)
On Month: +£5,870 (Peak but god knows how)

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