Thursday, June 09, 2011


Just moved into Vdara and hotel and room is the nicest ive ever stayed in.  Could blog about soooooo much stuff from the last 10 days but i dont wnna spend too much time on here so ill try and mention some of it in bits spread across the coming days.   Im now online daily thanks to a compulsory resort fee so i expect ill blog almost daily if theres much to report about tourneys or the cash games.

Right onto some figures.   A few days back i was at my lowest with -$3,400 in mtt and -$1,700 in cash games.

After 2 great cash days yesterday and tuesday but still no cash in a multi im now -$4,000 in mtt but +$2,500 in the cash games.

Ive played a variety of cash games so far but i seem to be on the big O now all the time.  stakes are 1/2 or 5/10.   big O is 5 card pl omaha hi lo btw.

Attempting a day off today from poker, what with moving and hangover but may play this evening depending on mood.   Already bought into the $1,500 HORSE at rio which starts noon tommorrow so im hoping to do better than the venetian $550 of that yesterday where nothing went right.