Monday, June 13, 2011

Back to 2009 Favourite

Finally hit the 75/150$ O8 game and ran so bad to begin with.   Managed to go $3,000 down before making a comeback and only finishing $440 down (obviously happy with that).  Game was ok to good but dried up and i left immediately it went that way.  Also witnessed a russian chap get ejected (and probably banned) for threatening a guy 2 seats to his left and pushing his glasses off the guys face.

Sat in a 1/2 big O game after that and managed to win $320 so only -$120 on the day.

Ive bought into the $2,500 8 game 5pm tournament tommorrow and hoping ill do better than my shocking runs so far.   Its a tad annoying that they have scheduled the $1,500 plo at noon on the same day but i prefer 8 game so im 95%+ gonna stick with that one only. 

1 comment:

Azimut85 said...

bring on more russians!

i will smash their glasses.