Friday, June 03, 2011

Rapid Demise

Quick and painful exit.   split a couple of pots and lot every other pot i entered and bust 45 minutes in.

Done a good spin up on 5/5 plo8 thanks to winning a pot i never should have been in,  but then some good solid stuff after that.   My patience seems to come and go in the cash games so far.   1 hour i will be focused and well for it but another i will get bored and just not seem to care much.

Good record in the 5/5 plo8 so far but shocking in the 20/40 limit o8.  

Only about -$1,000 so far overall which is fine considering i lost my first 4 sessions of cash day1 and ive obv bust a $1,500 tournament.

Prob playing limit o8 $550 Venetian noon tommorrow.   Early night tonight, slept so bad last night im hoping ill do a lot better tonight so i can put in a long slog tommorrow with a deep mtt run again or more cash games otherwise.

Dont expect too many, if any more updates for a week as it seems pointless payin $12.99 when i cant play online poker out here so its just blogging/email really.  pretty sure vdara internet is included in compulsory resort fee so may be daily updates from the 9th when i move.

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