Sunday, June 26, 2011

Brutal Brutal End

Friday started well going as much as $1,000 up on usual games before hitting a wall on 5/5 plo8.  It was fun though and i just got outdrawn a bit towards the end which sealed a -$195 day in the end.

Today however was a completely different story.
After checking out 11am i left my luggage at front of the rio and settled down for about 7 hours of poker.
Again it started well turning my 5/10 big O $700 buyin into $1,700 when i changed games 3 hours later.
I was craving one last session of 75/150 limit O8 before i left and got into a game at 3pm ish.   Well what a mistake that turned out to be.  I could not win 100% of a pot and i realised when i finally scooped 100% of a pot it had taken 3.25hours to do this despite being 7 and 8 handed often as well as 9 handed as standard.  I left 15 minutes later posting an astonishing loss in that game of -$5770.

Im now at the airport waiting on a 90minute delay to my flight which will probably result in me missing my connection in Toronto but its out of my hands now anyway.

I think ive learnt a lot this trip and its obviously disappointing to post near to a -$12,000 loss even if 50% of it was in the last 3.5hours of a 26 nights stay !  Guess ill do some sort of proper summary later or as soon as i can be bothered.  Got plenty of time to kill right now.

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