Tuesday, June 14, 2011

As Dry As The Nevada Desert

If i had come back to my room and done this post immediately last night after busting it would have been one hell of a rant.    Instead i got drunk on 1/2 big O and got a portion of my $2,500 investment back.

Lets be real here ive only played 7 tournaments so its hardly a sample to moan about but aside from making day 2 of the first one before hitting a wall ive pretty much got absolutely nothing going in anything.  The 8 game was exactly the same and i didnt lose huge chunks on the NLH or plo, this was just pure run bad at all the horse and 2-7 triple draw games.   If i played these games 100 times i honestly only think i would bust quicker once or twice.   Im not even making the 2nd break in all my tournaments, let along the dinner break and its really starting to get to me now.  

Yes im in profit on cash games but im not here for them, im here for the chance to play live mixed games multis that only comes once or twice a year.   Im really not sure now if i can face the $2,500 10game on Thursday and maybe will stick to $500 or lower ones, i'll see.   $2,500 is my biggest direct buyin in 2 years and to do so bad in yesterdays really demotivates me when i think about doing it again.

$wise im -$7.960 for tourneys,+$1,825 for cash,-$175 for one satellite =   -$6,310 overall.
It isnt the money thats bothering me though, it just frustrating that i cant get any kind of run going in the last 2 weeks.  Im even craving online poker for the change of scene and the multi tabling.  I guess i shouldnt be that surprised, its been pretty bad since beginning of May but im sure it will turn around soon.  May drop and play some $200mtts in the hope of finding an easier path.


pokershades1 said...

stick in there mate , you have proved your good enough to be out there mixing it up with the best . get entered in the 1O game before you talk yourself out of it . stay confident and best of luck !!

Anonymous said...

thing about bad runs is they tend to end with a bang, get in the 10 game and give yourslef a chance to win big. Gl Sir.

Azimut85 said...

try the burrito challenge to see if your luck changes there!

or do nick the greeks luck test before registering for a tourney.