Sunday, June 19, 2011

More Cash

Its a shame i cant seem to get myself playing a lot more cash games out here.   Occasionly i get a tough table and leave but generally theres normally 2-4 awful players at the lowish stakes games ive been playing.   Yesterday was no exception (after taking 2 days off from poker!) as i only played about 4 hours in 2x2hours sessions but spun 250 up to 1080 in the first one and returning just +90 the 2nd one.

Ive only had 13days where ive played any cash and 7 winning days out of that so its doesnt sound that amazing but when i play the right game with the right players it is truly easy stuff.  Here are my current plo8 and big O stats:

5/10 big O :   +$565 from 6 days  (rarely play this now as i find 1/2 plays more like 2/5 and standard is so much different)

1/2 big O :  +$1795 from 4 days  (ive got stacked once in this game for $500 when i missed with 3rd set,nut low draw and nut flush draw vs top set from flop, main problem i get is boredom and often play this drunk to conquer this)

5/5 PLO8 : +$2560 from 4 days  ($1,000 of this was a ridic runner runner pot i should never have been in.   This is clearly the best game for me though but it doesnt always run every day and when it does it can be tough to get into it from the waiting list length)

Anyway -$6,200 overall now with only 1 tournament left unless i head back downtown for a smaller game.  Guess i will try and chip off more of that loss although i still might play the 75/150 game im keeping an eye on which could prove volatile either way again.   Gonna try and stay sober for 4 or 5 days too, my bodys all over the shop at the mo with all the crap ive put through it.   Prob pool or gym it for now and head over rio about 4pm when they seem to get a new batch of dealers and open more tables.  Waiting lists have been a nightmare the last 2 days so be nice to avoid some of that today.


Anonymous said...

Playing anymore WSOP events?

Robert "Animal" Price said...

nah just 1 or 2 small ones elsewhere