Sunday, June 12, 2011

Unappealing Cash Games

Since Friday im not sure why but ive just not been enjoying the cash games and craving them as much.   This new "big O" game (5card pl hi lo) is just weird with a lot of variance while trying to guess at someones range and when to make a big fold or commit to a hand.  Up until yesterday i saw this as a challenge to take seriously playing 5/10 or get drunk while having fun and enjoying 1/2.  Lost a chunk yesterday but it wasnt just the money as im in profit across both stakes for this game.

Im thinking about trying the 75/150 limit O8.  I vowed not to play this again after pretty much spending all of wsop 2009 on it (when i wasnt in tourneys) and going about $10,000 up before finishing break even and feeling like i had wasted a lot of time. I know im a different and better player than 2 years ago though so i guess it could be different this time round.  Im also risking a lot of my $roll ive got here if i go on a downswing playing this.

  Im really craving more mixed games tournaments and its a bit annoying wsop spreads $1,500 PLO noon on same day as the $2,500 8 game tommorrow.   Im almost tempted to play the noon and enter the 5pm if im bust but the 5pm is the more fun game i want to play which is my main reason against this.   My other options are to play some lower $200ish tournaments at binions/nugget/caesars just to get some more plo8, plo and limit o8 tournaments in.  

Been pool for 3 hours just now and actually thinkin of my first gym session shortly before heading off to rio later.

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