Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Softest PLO8 MTT Ive Ever Played

Played a lot of cash the last 3 days including 9pm-12:30am after busting a $210 plo8 mtt at binions 7 hours in.   Not been winning though but still think im playin well, just been having to make more laydowns and conquer the bad swing.  Only lost 300/100/100 the 3 days though which is good really i think considering some of the situations ive been in.

Anyway on to the mtt.   This was just a complete limpfest and so many players just didnt have a clue what sort of trouble they were getting into and would never fold to a raise preflop and often not give up to huge bets postflop so bluffing was few and far between.   I didnt win a pot for 30minutes despite being in 80-90% of flops and my 15k dropped down to 12kish at only the 25/50 level but i knew if i hit sommat i would get paid.  I was 100% the only player raising preflop without aces !!!   Once i won my first pot i went on a mini rush and quickly got back to 15k before busting one of the dead money guys and a short stack in the same hand to go up to 30k.  

After this though i just went plain card dead and couldnt seem to flop or hit anything.  My stack stayed the same from first break right through to 2nd break and by now blinds were getting a lot chunkier.  I dropped as low as 22k but finally hit a couple of hands just before the dinner break and went to peak of 41k at that point.

When we returned i won the first pot i played and went to 45kish with the average bang on 45k.   There were now 37 players left of the 111 starters and it paid 12 with winner getting $5,800ish.  The very next hand i raised AsQx7s4s to 4000 (1600bb) and both blinds called.   sb was a brash guy looking ridiculous wearing sunglasses (in a $200game) who i had already tangled with just before the break when he chk called 2 streets before making me make a correct tough river call by leading allin into me.  He announced , rather loudly i check in the dark.  Anyways flop comes down K83sss, other guy checks to me and i bet 6k.   sb instantly shouting allin allin allin almost falling off his chair in excitement.  Obviously i call even faster and table my hand without saying a word.  Instead of dejection this guy now says its great as hes gonna win and hit quad kings tabling KK103.  When one of the 3s he's blocking does hit he gets even cockier and still expects another king on river but a blank jack does the job and he celebrates like he has just played his best hand of poker and won his biggest pot and cash ever. 

To be honest it hurt for about 15seconds but i was just trying not to laugh at how little class this guy shown and how excited he was despite being no where near the money (1/3 field left)  and gettin 40k into a 12k pot in such a bad spot.  I knew i would rather lost a perfect pot 7hours in there than go another 2 hours and do the same to bubble etc and ive seen this type before at the table so just find it funny.   Left with 3200 i get it allin nxt hand to x5 but got protection so only AQJ2 vs AA77 vs some guy that called his last 20k off with J853dbl std or sommat ridic.  AA held and i was out , another nail in the mtt coffin.  Im 0/10 now and will probably only play 1 more tommorrow.  Bit gutted about not having prob top 4 stack , mayb even chiplead with 36 left but out 37/111 on a huge pot was obviously the best way to go but it would have been fun to play even deeper with a large stack at that table , not even for the money :(

Odds calc says he scoops 14% time and we chop the pot 9% time.  Arrrgh.

On the plus side im enjoying playin more now as i know ive only got a few days left out here    Gonna attack cash games all day today i think then caesars 4pm mtt big O tommorrow at 4pm.  Friday same as today i expect then Saturday i leave in the evening so unsure what i will do during the day, maybe just chill.

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