Thursday, June 16, 2011

No 10 Game

Not in mood for it.
Had the softest 8game table in golden nugget $240 yesterday and managed to lose 1/3 of my stack by first break.  Then when i returned to raise nearly every hand in the 20minute level of NLH with little resistance  until i managed to flop Ad9x3d with my A3ss only to see opponent had limp called with 99.

Headed to the Venetian $550plo 3pm.  10 hours later i guess i got my wish as i went deep finishing around 65th/450 but this time i was annoyed about bubbling.  i was up to over 80k while average was only 45k but nothing seemed to go right from there on what was a ridiculously tough table out of the ones probably left.  Also i had a couple of tougher guys to my left so i couldnt really try and make anything happen. $47k for first although i would have happy to just say i had cashed in sommat !

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Azimut85 said...

oi keith,
get on bingo cams ffs