Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mini Streak Over

Couldnt make it 3 winning days in a row.   Put more volume in today but the cards were definitely against me.   Still i think i played well and didnt get too angry or tilted at all for a change.  Dropped £446 which sounds a lot but (easily could have been more and) had such good run the day before im still on a solid +£731 for the last few days.  At end of the day if i put the sort of volume ive done today in 5 days a week and break even i think rakeback for the month would be in the region of $6,000 anyway. 

Full Tilt a gonna, seems ive lost $8 in there although i guess i had over $100 in points sitting in the account as well :(    Not really a hit at all compared to others and compared to my UB loss of $1,250 which doesnt look like it will ever materialise.

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