Friday, June 24, 2011

2 More Cash Sessions Left

No good in final mtt.  Chipped up early but table was just too tight, needed to hit to get paid and its tricky to run many bluffs in big O.   Key hand below:

peaked at 60k (started 25k), about 45k start of this hand.  tight guy raises button at bb1600.  i reraise pot to 11600 with AA249dbl std.   he flats although originally thought i had only raised to 6600 as he didnt realise the diff between 5k and 10k chip.  flop is 853rainbow. we get it in and he shows A23310 to 3/4 after the standard blanks hit.  3 allins after that at 1/2k chop/chop/lose to bust about 70/160.

Seem to have picked up a mild cold/chest infection so hopin it wont get worse.  Gonna head rio in mo for cash games all day if my headache doesnt get stronger.   Originally thought i would play higher last day or 2 but if my heads not clear its prob not worth trying.   Tommorrow i check out 11am but dont leave vegas until 11:50pm so will dump luggage at rio and play cash again until 7pm.

Expect to blog again at airport while waiting as free wi-fi there.   Part of me very happy to go home and other part happy to stay as enjoyed the last week more than i thought i would.

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