Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hoarse Horse

I am hoarse after a night on the tiles with Karlos and his mate Mark.   Managed to mix lots of different drinks and seem to have escaped without much of a hangover although i dont think i will do the same tonight.  Info for any fast pint drinkers reading and coming out.  Todd English P.U.B.  at Aria (well just inside crystals) has a 7 seconds pint challenge.  Finish within the time and get it free.  Mark and myself both passed the challenge.  Its a 2 a day maximum but i only did it once as i couldnt face another after Karlos made me drink a shot of 75% proof bacardi which tasted more like tequila, weird.

As for horse games i can sum them up pretty well.
$550 venetian (Wed)
Ridiculous tough table and ran awful
$1,500 WSOP  (Fri)
Very good table and ran as bad as can after the first 2 levels.

I was actually up to 6200 from 4500 after 2 hours yesterday.  I thought i went card dry levels 3 and 4 but it was nothing compared to the card dead stuff level 5 and 6 (in which i bust).  

Final bust hand 1000ish chips 150/300 button limit holdem AKstd raise, sb reraises to isolate with A5off and he sees my hand and says ahhh u got me.  I oblige with dont worry the 5 will come as ive just gone ultra negative after folding a ridiculous number of hands across all disciplines.  5 is 2nd card out and its goodnight, not even making the dinner break.

Favourite hand was capping in Razz on 6th street 3 way with a 7 high low which couldnt be beaten at that point and still getting the other guy to stay in.  This was early though and gave me a lot of hope before it just all went backwards.   Saw people callin with a jack and even a king in razz but it was another "it just wasnt my day" stories.  Seem to be gettin a lot of these but what the hell , i only think im due to be luckier in the next one.   This will probably be the $2,500 8 game on monday at 5pm.  

Unless i go out on the drink again today i guess i'll head over and attack the cash games for today/tommorrow.  Maybe pool or gym which i havent really done since the first 6 days, pool looks amazing here. 

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Anonymous said...

Bacardi 151 mate - 151proof, 75%vol !! My lips have just about grown the skin back.