Saturday, July 22, 2006

Time To Blog I Guess

Ouch and Ouch again.

15k £55 260 entrants:
Was progressing nicely about 30/90 when i committed to QQ preflop only to run into AA.
No 20% beat was a coming so i went out 90th on a pot to go 4th at the time.

$18 rebuy 430 entrants, only rebought once.
Before rebuys over i lost:
KK vs JJ vs AK to have gone 4th/320
I then got sucked into a massive 4 way pot with bottom trips only to run into middle trips (and 2 donkeys that couldnt lay a top pair down) . Other way round , if i had the middle trips the pot was to have gone 1st/300 !!!
I didnt rebuy as too weak a stack to make any real difference, i then lost Jh10h vs Kh8s on a 875 (2 hearts flop) to have got back to an average stack with 200 left.

I've just gambled early in the 10k calling an allin with a crap AQ and managed to double against JJ so im gonna take plenty of flops and see if i can cash in a multi, just for a change !

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