Thursday, July 06, 2006

Half Year Review

Been meaning to do a poker summary of this for a few days now.

I've made £10,176 in total for the first 6 months of this year.

I've qualfied and been to Deauville (France) and Brighton for buyins of 4,000 euros and £750 respectively.

I was very happy with my play in Deauville and 2/3 of the events in Brighton.

I've won my package for the main event of the World Series for the end of July worth $15,000.

I've been in profit in each of the 6 calendar months.

I've won a $2,000 or 1% stake in a racehorse.

I've won and been on a VIP trip to the Newmarket 2,000 guineas.

I've actually been bothered to create a poker blog which is surprisingly useful and, recognising this, i actually update it a lot more often than i expected to.

I've been very close to other packages, the closest being the Ladbrokes $22,500 package that i missed out on unluckily in May.

Considering how boring Deauville was i surprised myself by hardly playing any casino games, mainly watching others and just telling myself it just aint that attraction it might once have been.

I have played a variety of games in different months to gain experience and now have better strategies for sixpacs and cash neither of which i had played much of until this year.

I still prefer this lifestyle to my old office job and love setting my own flexible hours or just not playing if im not in the mood or just want a complete day off.


At the end of last year i hoped to make a minimum of £2,000 every month, this has only happened 2/6 months.

My preflop allin luck in big live events was not good and in the end cost me the huge chance of cashing in Deauville and Brighton twice.

My final table luck (or just before final table) especially since March has not been great and i would hope this levels out with a good few top 3 finishes in several multis for big money for the rest of the year.

Whilst i want to visit new places poker takes me to i shall not be hurrying back to Deauville next year, just wasnt my cup of tea in terms of location and surroundings. Pretty much nothing to do other than casino and poker sidegames were very thin on the ground after the main event.

My racehorse didnt look that impressive and it remains to be seen whether it runs and just how much i will get when they sell it later in the year. Think i would take £500 and be happy at this time.

My overall enjoyment for the game is definitely not been there for the last 4 or 5 months compared to what it was the second half of last year.

I've put on maybe half a stone and worse im as unfit as ever in my life. When i quit work i thought i would get fitter with spare time galore but my motivation to just get out there comes and goes. I am trying to put this right this month to set me up for a possible long slog in the main event.


Who knows whats in store for the next 6 months and i guess that is part of the appeal of being a professional poker player. One things for sure im sure i will continue to blog the ups and downs, win or lose.

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