Monday, July 31, 2006

Mental Preparation

Yesterday and today has basically been a chill out session.

Yesterday we took Azimuts limo downtown and walked around before going into binions and the mansion poker dome. Im strictly on no booze in the 48 hours leading up to the main event. (Once it starts it maybe a different story if im nervous or feel i need to play more agressively)
Played $1,$2 NL for an hour or so which was an eye opener to say the least. It makes the micro limits cash games on crytologic look tight. Regular raises preflop of between 10 and 30$ and callers all over the shop. Anyway i actually sat down with $400 and got up later with exactly ......$400 !!!

Only got about 5 hours sleep last night as i woke up at 8am and couldnt drop off again. Its 7pm here now and i do feel tired but will only try to sleep midnight or later as i could be playing 12 noon until 3:30am if the first 2 days are anything to go by.
Just been hanging around today in the pool , the cryptologic lounge or the room. Looks like the CPC 2005 will be on challenge TV later in the year as ive seen some DVDs , it remains to be seen whether any of my TV table bits are shown but ive seen myself in the background once of twice.

The only downside of today is because ive qualified through a littlewoods promotion and not a room wide cryptologic one i may not be able to enter the $200k freeroll on 5 August for those that havent cashed in the main event. On paper this is worth $2000+ with only around 100 runners and bounties on some players as well. There is still a chance though but if i cash in the main event it is all irrelevant anyway !!!

Congratulations to you Pete (oranges) if you are reading this as i see you made the 2006 CPC today. (see comments on earlier post below)

OK im off , dunno what to do, i hadnt ruled out going in the gym for a bit but i think its getting a bit late for that now.

I hope the next post is a happy one :))

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Anonymous said...

Hi Animal.

Thanks for the congrats m8. Heads up was a long war of attrition but after the disappointment of the other week I was about as focused as I've ever been on a poker table. Totally draining but, as you know from these things, what a great buzz!

I've read your blog now. Fascinating! Really impressed with your consistency.

I've every confidence that you will make the right decisions later - just hope you get rewarded for them!

All the very best Rob.

Pete (oranges)