Thursday, July 27, 2006

Arrived and time to settle in

Absolutely knackered but finally made it into our room at 3pm (local time)

My god it is hot outside i dont think i will spend much time outside in the next 2 weeks at all. 41 degrees when we landed !!!

Good news, after being told all littlewoods players were playing day 1A, they have changed it for several of us and im now playing day 1D so i have 3 full days to settle in before the main tournament.

Seems gary's laptop is gonna be constantly connected so should be a fair few blog updates out here as well.

Time to chill out for a few hours before the welcome meeting and then ill certainly be having a good look at the poker room.

PS: Van Rensburg if u r reading this u are probably at work first thing in the morning while we are getting pissed last thing at night over here. Enjoy :)

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waynejvr said...

is this working, how are you two doing? Have you busted out yet...gary, bekit is banned from kazbar for hitting a bouncer...the femal one! lol