Sunday, July 09, 2006

Mild Success

Played most of my games this afternoon today as world cup final was always gonna distract me later on in the day.

Best result was 3rd/116 in a £20 multi for £220 but, as always theres always room to moan.
Had A7 vs J10 to have gone 1st/4 with almost double 2nd places chips.
Also KJ vs A2 to have gone 1st/4 with slightly less than above.
Finally exit was 78std vs QJ for pot to go 2nd/3, cant complain about that one.

Also had a small win of errr $80 or mayb $100 for 5th/72 in a $1000 freeroll.
Again pots at the final table in order (and not including lots of steals) were:

AJ vs 44 to have gone 1st/5
A8 vs A4 split when short stacked
K10 vs QJ pot odds when short stacked lost. would have improved to 4 players left.
AJ vs QJ won to double up
66 vs Q2sd won to double up and go 1st/5
K2 vs KQ lost to have gone massive chip leader of 4
A5std vs AA ! to have gone back into the lead but eliminated instead.

Blinds were huge so i was in almost every other pot to some extent using others chips to kind of freeroll but in the end just ran into bigger hands and i think the idiot that had virtually blinded out won about 20 pots in a row to win , thats poker.

I played 20euros and £27 games as well with no progress.
The only bigger entry of the day was the $150 30 min blinds game with only 11 entrants.
This paid to 4 and when i lost a big pot KK vs AJ of about 2800 to have gone joint 1st/8 with 5500 at only 30, 60 blinds i knew it wasnt my day.
Obviously i still had a great chance to recover but i overraised a raiser 6 handed with jj only to run into aa for a 4k pot.
Finally i overraised a raiser with AJ only to run into QQ and another QQ , apparantly another guy folded JJ that hand as well !!!
Ignoring the JJ factor i was actually in ok shape at about 32% to more than triple up but no help came so i was out 6th. Still would be 30%+ even if u took the jj factor into play.

Anyway on the day im up , bit annoying not to finally break the cycle of final table syndrome in a cash multi and win one for a change but it all helps and 3rd is better than 9th or 10th. £440 and £660 were 2nd and 1st in that £20 multi just for the record , so not huge but would have been a nice win to supplement further multi entrance fees for the month :(

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