Saturday, July 15, 2006

2nd WSOP Madness Post

Never got going in this , always sustained starting stack of 2k then:
50,100 im on the button with 88, guy 2 to my left goes allin 1500 for the 3rd hand running, i go allin 1800 or so. Small blind cant fold his AK so im in terrible shape (well 31% 3 way so not disasterous)

Pot was to go 30th/259 with 8 x $14000 paying out in this one , but with a decent stack of 5500 at 50,100.

I was more annoyed with the way this pot went cos its not proper poker at all. I think if i was those 3 players i would raise (or flat call) with the 9,10 std, get overraised by the 88 or allin. Have to fold the AK because of raise and reraise. I hate pure luck situations like this but there was no way i was passing 88 here and thats poker, some people cant play so just stick them all in and never consider folding AK in their life.

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