Saturday, July 29, 2006

Steve Davis / Rumjungle Juice

Saw Steve Davis at breakfast yesterday. He declined the offer to join us when i called him a legend as he was looking for his mates already sat down.

Chilled out most of the day by pool and picking up wad of free stuff from WSOP stands various poker sites were giving away to promote. Best thing was the girls everywhere in skimpy outfits , these americans know how to get your attention when advertising !!!

Got very drunk in the evening , think the cocktail called rumjungle juice at $12 a piece done us all. Rum + various other ingredients that we didnt even bother reading. Anyway got a smacking hangover this morning but plenty of time to recover. Is very good meeting up with the guys we met in St Kitts. Kev (Azimut), Luke (Meg80), Mark (Unstable) mixing with me (Animal) and Gary (3jacksjb) makes for a lethal combination of booze, gambling and general good humour.

We all played a crapshoot $70 NL tourney at Caesars Palace at the end of last night which was funny after so much drink. Started 11pm but me and Gary were out and back at the Rio by 1:30am so dunno how the other 2 finished (Mark had crashed a bit earlier without playing)

As for the WSOP day 1A is over, its definitely 2 hour levels and they have played down to 800 players as well. 12 noon through to 3:15am ish = 15 hours including breaks so its a long day to survive. Luke was a casualty at level 2 (50,100) when a guy called a reraise of $2700 with KK only to flop K77 against Lukes AA, nasty. Just over 8500 entrants were registered in the end , crazy.

Most people i know seem to have day 1C (sunday), as for today once i get rid of this hangover i think its basically a chill out session all day again with some poker in the evening. Definitely only light booze between now and Monday so my heads hopefully in the right place.

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