Saturday, July 15, 2006

1st WSOP Madness Post

Thought i would blog these as i bust as its an expensive long evening.

1st $150 WSOP. Out when blinds 50,100 for a 3800pot both in blinds 66 vs AQstd he flops a flush.

2nd $150 WSOP. Lost my 2k stack down to 600 early but recovered to 2k when blinds small then built to 4k playing my big hands slow. Then:

75,150 in the bb with KK. 1k stack goes allin early with acerag std. 7k chippie flat calls. I decide to give him a chance to bite by raising to 2k rather than going allin knowing i wont fold if he calls whatever the board. He goes back over top with 1010 and of course the 10 flops. Out to a dummy that cant fold 10s preflop, nice and annoying , especially when the pot was to go 8th/255 left with 9 x $14000 up for grabs with residual cash to 19. Would have been nice to have been given a chance to use a stack like that but thats poker.

Lost coinflips in 2 x $20 subs at late stage alongside the above and also busted a $50 tourney with no cards from start to finish anyway.

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